Who is Kristy Dwyer

Wonderful ladies cannot be found everywhere, they are the gift given only to those men who deserve them or find out a way to meet them. In both cases you get to enjoy amazing time with women like Kristy Dwyer, since they know how to please a man and how to make him happy. But in order to gain that, you will need to not only find any wonderful lady, but the one that is perfect for you. She will need to have the same interests as you, love the same activities and enjoy the same kind of stuff. That may sound hard to achieve, but once you realize how to do it, you will see that it is just like taking a walk.


She can definitely satisfy you

A woman like Kristy Dwyer is, might be the perfect one for you, since she loves all the things that people usually enjoy, like walking, traveling, shopping, going out and having fun time in general.

Many models, like her, will describe their profession as centerfold, since they are the main focus of any picture they are on, and mostly they are naked. It may excite you more than you could expect after you see her amazing body, her stunning 34C breasts and her blond hair and green eyes.


Kristy Dwyer was born in Austin, Texas and most of her life she spent there, until she was chose as the Playboy model of the week in December 4, 2006. After that she moved to LA, because she expected much more work, which she got, of course. There she starred in a few movies, got to realize who she actually is and what she likes, but also got the nickname Kristine Joy. It sounds almost like pristine joy, which is the exact thing that you get if you meet her and choose to spend time with her in your bed.